The most important factor to consider when leasing an airport limousine is the number of passengers who will require transportation. Airport transfers can be uncomfortable if the limo is packed with the maximum number of people and their luggage. A sedan would be a good size for three passengers or less, with enough room for luggage.

A 10 passenger stretch of Lincoln would be the best bet for a group of 5-7 passengers. In a 14 passenger stretch Lincoln limousine, 8-10 passengers would be able to sit comfortably without feeling cramped inside with passengers’ luggage. If some of the passengers are children with no luggage, you may be able to include one or more in the limo.

Every stretch limousine and SUV limousine includes a complimentary fully loaded wet bar. Water and soda will still be available in the limos and SUV limos.

Airport limousines can range in price from a few hundred dollars to $400, depending on the type of vehicle, destination, and day of travel. Because they are booked weeks or months in advance, Saturday transfers are typically more expensive. If there is enough time for the car to arrive, airport transfers can be scheduled as early as the following day.

Make sure to inquire as to where the limousine will meet you because different airports have different limo procedures. Due to airport fees, being picked up at the airport is typically more expensive than being dropped off. The transfer rate includes all applicable taxes, gas prices, airport fees, and mileage charges. Call customer service so they can give you the best deal if more time is needed or if you want to include a night out on the town. When an airport drop-off is required after renting a limo, there is also no additional fee.

If you need airport pick-up or drop-off, an airport limousine service is a great option. You will avoid the hassle of driving to and from the airport and will be able to relax in comfortable seats while receiving luxurious service. If you need an airport limousine service, call Mr. Limousine at 480 499 3502. Reserve your limo service today!