Not sure where to begin when organizing a bridal shower? We have all the most incredible bridal shower ideas, from who hosts it and the best themes to what to serve!

Bridal showers have typically been linked with American weddings for years. A bridal shower is an occasion you’ll host in addition to the hen party; it’s not the same as a hen party. A bridal shower is a daytime celebration where the bride’s close female relatives, and occasionally the groom, gather her friends to celebrate the forthcoming wedding with presents and enjoyable activities and hire a wedding limo service for all the guests. Unlike the hen party, it is a family-friendly occasion where the bride’s mother and younger sister are welcome to attend. She will also receive gifts, often items to aid in the construction of the new couple’s home.

The couple may have a lingerie registry or a bridal shower gift registry in America, and the focus is more on pampering the bride-to-be and spending time with the women at the wedding party. However, it doesn’t have to be women-only.

There are no strict guidelines; the type of wedding shower you host will depend on the bride. A low-key brunch at the maid of honor’s house, a spa day, a flower arrangement class, or a lunch at a classy restaurant are a few examples of possible activities you can arrange. The bride is typically given a few nice gifts, which might be useful for her wedding. There is food and drink available, and some fun games are played.

We’ve compiled a list of our top bridal shower themes with plenty of tips on how to pull them off. Once you’ve decided on a theme, you can choose the specifics using our top bridal shower ideas, from invites and menu suggestions to activities and venues. Enjoy your planning!

What You Should Know About Bridal Showers:

Before you begin your planning, let’s address all those important questions.

Who Hosts The Bridal Shower?

Usually, the bridesmaids and maid of honor organize the bridal shower. The bride’s mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, or even future mother-in-law may organize the bridal shower at their place if they are too busy organizing hen parties.

If you are hosting a wedding shower in addition to the hen party, you must be very clear about who is invited where. You can search for an airport limo service near me and help the invitees reach the decided venue. Mums are welcome at the bridal shower because it will be PG-13 rated, but we don’t think the same can be true for the hen too! It might be simpler to divide the duties between your family for the hen and your bridal party for the bridal shower.

The bride or brides often don’t participate in the organizing of the wedding shower, but we wouldn’t keep it a secret from them. You’ll want their opinion on the theme, time, place, and invitees.

What Happens at a Bridal Shower?

Whatever you want! It’s up to you what your shower entails, even if, as we previously noted, bridal showers are not generally the wild celebrations that hen parties may be. Afternoon tea, picnics, BBQs, and spa days are all common suggestions. Basically, a bridal shower is appropriate if it feels like your mother and grandmother could attend.

Gifts are frequently presented at the bridal shower, but they don’t have to be expensive. It is more than okay to simply bring something for the buffet or sign a group card. Bridal showers frequently include games as well; just save the fun hen party activities for the formal hen party.

What Can You Do During a Bridal Shower to Have Fun?

There are countless activities you may do, including flower arranging, charades and other party games, lawn games, guess the dress games, painting by numbers, and crafting. It will be simpler to choose the activities you want to conduct after you’ve settled on a theme.

What Is Not Appropriate at a Bridal Shower?

Don’t bring an unwanted guest plus one, disregard the dress code or theme, and forget to socialize with people you haven’t met yet are all things you should avoid doing at a bridal shower. Oh, and avoid inviting guests who weren’t invited to the wedding because things can quickly turn bizarre.

How Can a Simple Bridal Shower Be Planned?

There’s no need to have a huge celebration for a bridal shower. Anything from a casual lunch to a night in with some munchies is acceptable. If you know the bride doesn’t want to make a fuss, don’t worry about planning interesting games or ornate décor; just assemble her favorite people and food and let the day develop spontaneously.

When Will The Bridal Shower Happen?

Two to six months before the wedding, bridal showers are held. Six weeks prior to the event, we advise sending out print or digital invitations to ensure that all guests have enough notice. Check with the bride to determine which guests are definite must-haves for her bridal shower and set the date so everyone can attend. The time leading up to the wedding can be extremely busy, especially the weekends. It usually occurs a few months or weeks prior to the hen party and serves as the formal start to your pre-wedding festivities. If your schedule allows, you can actually combine the bridal shower and the hen party. The daytime bridal shower can be more family-friendly, and once mom and grandma have departed, the wilder half of the celebrations can begin.